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Book Review: Models by Mark Manson

This will be a quite a short review: It’s the best book to start with and you should go read it now.

If you are still reading you are probably wondering why and need some more convincing, I can respect that. This review is pretty glowing as this particular book has helped me personally tremendously and is a big part of why I finally managed to start this blog. This review will most likely be somewhat biased because of that, so keep it in mind. However as it has helped me I have no doubt it would help you as well. So let’s talk about how and why it helped.

You Need to Walk Before You Can Run

My first post talked about style, but I realized that it’s a poor place to start. You need to walk before you can run, so let’s get back to the basics and talk about what it is we’re trying to do and why.

Let’s talk about the big three: Relationships, Work and what I’m going to call “You”.