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Biking through Estonia, Day 3

Wake up, put stuff up to dry and air, walk around a bit and explore the surroundings. The mourning routine is starting to become, well, routine. I managed to convince Linda there actually was a moose there during the night. I tried to when we got back to the tent, but she didn't quite believe me.

Nothing to it, but to do it

We head back to Haapsalu to buy some supplies since we are unsure of the shop situation in Hiiumaa and biking last day for 4+ hours without food isn't something we want to repeat. I'm worrying about making it to the ferry to Hiiumaa, but Linda can't unfortunately function without her morning coffee so I have to wait for it while grinding my teeth. I'm a worrier, can't help it. Linda comes back, we start the ride to Rohuküla harbor and make it right on time. While waiting I chat up an older gentleman who is clearly doing a bike hike too. He's been on the road already for 2,5 months following the EuroVelo biking routes. Currently he was following route 13 "The Iron Curtain trail" south with a few detours. He was surprised and amused by our gear, but was glad to see younger people doing this.

This is the first chance to charge up our phones so we take advantage of it and plan a bit of the route for the rest of the trip. Unfortunately I didn't save it anywhere so when I switched my phone to battery saving mode it closed the app and lost the route. I kinda remember it anyway so shouldn't be a problem. Now we are getting to the place why we started this trip in the first place. Linda read a book called "Bride of the Wolf" by a finnish author Aino Kallas which takes place in and near the town of Suurmõisa in Hiiumaa and wanted to see the area. So we make our way towards the town and check out the "palace" of Suurmõisa and the grounds of the estate.

Plenty of time, how to waste it

Since this is the first day we are sort of ahead of the schedule we decide to go see the sights a bit on our way to Kardla which is the capital of the island. In hindsight absolutely none of them were worth seeing and we should've just ridden there directly. Regardless after wandering a bit we end up in Kärdla. Now it's getting quite late and our purpose was to go see Kõpu lighthouse at the western end of the island, but we figure we don't really have time for that if we are to make it to the ferry between Hiiumaa and Saarenmaa. It only runs twice a day so we have to make it to the second ferry or we'll waste a bit too much time waiting for it the whole evening. Based on this we make the decision to head to Sääre tirp directly south of Kärdla about 30 kilometers.

Last push

We know it'll take us about 3 hours to do that so we knew we'd be getting in pretty late, but decided to make the push anyway. The ride through the islands middle was pretty uneventful. Beautiful sunset over the pine forests, but at this point beautiful pine forests are the norm so the ride was pretty boring and monotone. We get to the place and for the first time there are other people at the camp ground. Few guys on motorcycles and a camper van. We head to the edge of the area and put up the tent next to the last free fire pit table combo. Since it's quite late we mostly just eat up and go to bed.

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