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Biking through Estonia, Day 8, Beaches of Pärnu

Biking through Estonia, Day 8, Beaches of Pärnu

A shashlik thief strikes! A smarter guy than me would use a bear bag, but I don't think there are that many bears in Estonia. On a trip like this you should probably check though

We agreed we'd put on an alarm for the morning so we get up in time and can enjoy Pärnu and the beach properly since it'll take us couple hours to get back. However, surprise surprise, Linda wants to snooze it couple times, but we get up reasonably early anyway. We get out of the tent and start thinking about breakfast when I notice some animal has torn into one of the bags and eaten all the left over shashlik during the night! I was looking forward to that, but now I need to settle for my usual, sausage and cheese with some fruit. I snack a half a bag of marshmallows while sitting around which might've been a mistake.

On foot for a change

Seems sturdy enough, still a little scary, and oh so worth it

We head for the hike we read about, crossing the heavily trafficked road is an adventure in itself, but we make it across and start the hike. The nature is waking up around us and the scenery is amazing. I read up on the species growing around from little plaques put up along the trail and wonder in amazement about the nature surrounding us. We get to a lookout tower which reaches far overhead, above the trees. We head up it, it's new construction, but still creeks in the wind so I'm a bit nervous going up. The view when we do get up, is thousand fold worth the little anxiety over the height. To west you got the Baltic ocean with islands dotting it, as far as the eye can see. Towards the south you can see beautiful pine forest stretching towards Latvia and you can see a bit over the border I'm sure. Turning to the east you see the Tolkuse swamp, meaning a shaggy and unkempt man after a farmer which was secretly living there hundreds of years ago, or at least so the story goes. It stretches over a huge area and out of our sight. To the north you can see Pärnu and more of the amazing pine forest, our destination for the day. First we have a hike to complete, but I'm having a real hard time dragging myself away from the view. Linda couple times suggests that maybe we should keep going, and I know I'm "wasting" time, but the sights are just so beautiful I don't want to leave.

Eventually we start heading down and continue the hike. We saw a little lake and a few trees in the middle of the swamp and the hike takes us there through a causeway so we stand in awe at the beauty of that place for a while, before heading back to our bikes. It's getting a bit later in the day than we'd like, but I wouldn't switch this experience for a few more ours in a city for any price.

I want to add a thousand pictures here, but I think I'll add a picture gallery and add the rest of the stuff there

Could you resist these? The place is called ParnaMaed if you want to visit

We pack up our gear for the last time and brave the busy traffic of the number 4 road towards Pärnu. Our plan is to enjoy the beach, stay in a AirBnB flat and get hammered in the evening, don't want to get too healthy now do you. That health aspect does get fixed rather soon when we get to a bakery we saw riding south last night. There is a huge selection of freshly baked salty and sweet pastries, and they all cost peanuts compared to what they would back home. I might have over indulged "a bit" while waiting for Linda to finish her morning coffee. I take a couple for the road too, but they don't survive long. What can I say, baked goods is my weakness.

Like it's the first time

We head for the shops and take a bit of time around the town before heading for the AirBnB. Even though we've done plenty of swimming to keep clean, an actual shower feels heavenly. After a week of biking and sleeping in a tent, shower, food and a bit of beer and you are pretty out of it. I kinda want to just lay in the bed, but we both know it's a decision we'd regret so we make our way outside. We bought one two liter beer between us and we are both totally hammered after splitting it. I guess biking for a week your body is readier to exact nutrients and calories than it would normally be and the alcohol goes to your head like it's the first time drinking. We head for the shops to buy, something that I don't remember anymore, maybe more alcohol, but we are having a bit of trouble with it due to our state. Surprisingly quickly we start to sober up and rest of the shopping goes a bit better. We swing by the apartment, take couple of beers with us and head for the beach.

It's going very well

Linda greeting the setting sun on the beach

We walk along the beach, chit chatting away, Linda's thrift store find dress from earlier in the day flapping in the wind. Around we see a few couples having a romantic evening on benches or walking along the beach. Heading further towards the town center on the beach we come up to a bar called the "Sunset Lounge" that seems to be open, so we head up to the deck. We grab a couple of beers and settle in. You can see the last rays of the setting sun over the ocean and eventually we snuggle up under a blanked since it's starting to get a bit chilly. It's a bit after one when we start heading out, we get about a hundred meters out when a employee from the bar runs after us and yanks the blankets from us, we totally forgot we were still wearing them. She's quite cross with us, for us it was more funny than anything, but I of course apologize for the inconvenience.

We are walking back, giggling and chatting about nothing, being really happy about the trip, the day, everything. We are going through a starlit park when a group of guys coming the opposite direction ask us in Russian "How's it going", Linda looks at me smiling and quips back "vsjo harasho".

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