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Biking through Estonia, Day 9, Getting Back

Biking through Estonia, Day 9, Getting Back

Goddamn this hangover. Goddamn it my body is totally not used to alcohol after abstaining for a couple of weeks and eating relatively healthy for a week. I guess it's a good thing.

We need to leave the apartment by eleven already, so we are scrambling to get everything packed, but it's quite slow going, especially since I've seem to have managed to spread all my belongings all over the room. To be fair this has been a bit of a theme that it takes me way longer to pack than Linda. I guess being in the scouts taught at least something, even though she thinks how easily I light a fire and how well I navigate is amazing.

But why?

We are hungry as hell, since we didn't eat anything during the evening or night, so we head to the store near by and buy some of the "home-cooked" stuff from there. In all of the places, and in quite a few restaurants too, there seems to be chicken Kiev served and I'm curious why that is. That curiosity is a bit overshadowed by the fact that there is a huge line piling up behind us since the home-cooked food is at the register and she's having to fill our order and our ring up our shopping.

First picture I manage to take on this day was of the interesting anti-slip things on the train platform

We manage to get through and now it's time to wait for another one of Linda's endless coffee breaks, before we can get outside and dig in. I'm having a long drink as hair of the dog, but Linda says she can never drink the following morning. Since Linda needs to be somewhere the next day, we are starting to think about how to get back to Tallinn and Helsinki. Our plan is to take a train to Tallinn and get in a ferry over the Gulf of Finland from there. After checking it seems there are only two trains that go to Tallinn on Sundays, one in the early morning and one at 17:45. So we only got that option left. It'll get us in Tallinn about an hour before the last ferry leaves so we should be okay.

Sadly, it's time to go

We ride around, check a few thrift stores on the way towards the train station, but unfortunately there isn't much time for anything else anymore. We would've liked to see Pärnu as a city bit better. It's called the "summer capital" of Estonia for a reason with it's white beaches and amazing weather, but that'll have to wait for the next trip. We are both quite wistful thinking about the trip and having to return. We'd both much much rather continue south if we'd have the time and money, well someday.

Our gear survived wonderfully, outside the breaks on Linda's bike no maintenance was necessary. Last sights of Estonia, waiting to board the ferry

We ride to the station and are there well ahead of the train. We wait for a bit, when Linda gets the idea to go to the store before getting into the train for snacks. She starts walking, but I head to the railing over looking the path that she's walking and mention that while the store is close its only twenty minutes until the train leaves, maybe it isn't that important since we don't want to get stranded. She agrees and sits next to me in the sweltering heat that isn't helping my hungover state.

We settle in for the train ride, and start reading all the news etc. that I haven't been able to during the trip with the trains wifi. Unfortunately it's quite choppy so I put my phone away and we go over the trip, what we saw, how are we feeling etc. It isn't that long before Linda is asleep on my shoulder and I'm deep in thought thinking about the trip. Mentally this trip has been a huge thing for me, probably the biggest mental shift in a couple years. I kinda hoped it would be, and that's why I wanted to go on the trip in the first place. When you ride a bike for 8 hours a day with nothing to occupy you put your thoughts you get to think in a way you don't when you have screens and distractions in front of you constantly. It gives you perspective in a way nothing else really does.

Next adventure is right over the horizon, even if it might not seem like it when returning

Round and round it goes

Back in Tallinn we are constantly talking about how "didn't we ride through here starting this trip, oh and we went through there between those railings". I remember thinking when starting that a certain sidewalk was kinda rough and narrow, but now it seems like a straight up highway compared to many we saw. It seems like it was ages ago, and like it was yesterday at the same time and I'm not sure which thought I like more. In a way it has been a long trip, but on the other hand it went by in a blink unless you stop to remember all the details. When you are constantly on the move and doing stuff days are very long during them, and very short when looked back upon during the evenings.

Grabbing some food from a stall, we make our way towards the parking lot we started this journey from, and take a piss at the same spot we did when we started. We feel it's a fitting end to the journey. Now it's only a short bike ride to line up in the harbor with the cars, waiting to board the ferry. There's an Lithuanian guy before us on his motorcycle and couple of Estonian guys pull up behind us shortly after. We start chatting with one of them, hes been living in Finland for many years and speaks Finnish well, so we chat about Estonia, how he sees Finland, our trip, how to translate Tolkuse to Finnish etc. We mention how friendly Estonians are and he says it's most likely in big part thanks to our attitudes, you get what you give.

Familiar, yet not

I'm not going to cook at 1 in the morning after just returning home

Back in Finland we take the short ride back to my place so I can give Linda a ride back to hers. On the ride we talk about it and while a shower and a bed seems nice, we'd both rather get into a tent this evening and stay out there, exploring. If we had money and time, we would've gone south until there was no more south to go. I'm sure we could've figured another heading after that. Helsinki looks very "European" and international during a summer evening, but the people inhabiting it seem to have taken on a bit more negative shade in our eyes. It'll fade sooner than you'd like, but at least for now, something seems different.

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